About us

Tarsylia brand was created as an answer for needs of the market. There were no producers who combined: high-quality products with price-accessibility and knowledge on building long-term relations with customers. What’s even more important: Tarsylia, as a producer of garment for women, not only understands the needs of business customer, but also the needs of final customers – the women aged 40+, who need adequate and stylish clothing which at the same time stress their femininity and character.

Tarsylia is an adult brand with a huge experience, which can adapt to every situation. It builds partner-relations with entities from Poland, Russia, Germany, England and Belgium, selling high-quality products, designed by its own designers. The sellers who cooperate with us are satisfied with fast transaction and delivery, and then – great interest of final customers on the offered products.

Tarsylia specializes in production of dresses, blouses and tunics. The offer is aimed at companies which chose as a target group women who are self-confident and know what they need. Our products are “in a good convention”. The brand is adjusted to the needs of women 40+, who seek for adequate dressing, well-designed and good for any occasion.

Our perception of the market reality is mirrored in the vision and mission which are our characteristics and goals to be fulfilled.

Vision: Tarsylia is a brand with a long tradition, which has a great dose of experience in creating high-quality products and cooperation with business customers. The cooperation is built on trust and deepened relation with customer, but also – guaranteed quality.

Mission: Tarsylia has got its own style. It is a brand which gives women self-confidence and guarantees good perception of her by the environment. At the same time, Tarsylia is a brand which gives safety and ensures the transactions, which is crucial nowadays.